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Tent-Pole Cover Roll (Disposable Fire-Retardant 4 Mil. Plastic)

Tent-Pole Cover Roll (Disposable Fire-Retardant 4 Mil. Plastic)

     Sometimes it is not possible or desirable to spend a lot of money on expensive and fancy-looking cloth liners or drapes for your tent. It may be that the budget is running thin, or, simply a case of the event not requiring expensive cloth liners or drapes. Carpa Supply's disposable plastic tent-pole covers are an excellent economic solution for hiding tent poles and tent-legs. Our plastic tent-pole cover can be used with tent tubing up to a diameter of 2.5 inches. The tent-pole cover roll is 5 inches wide x 750 feet long assuring you plenty of material for multiple events. It is constructed from heavy-duty fire-retardant 4 mil. poly plastic and is easy to install over tent-poles prior to assembling the tent. The cover can also be used on tent-poles and tubing as a stand-alone item, or, it may be used in conjunction with more expensive cloth liners and drapes. It never hurts to have a roll handy for unforeseen circumstances where tent-poles may need to be covered.

     Simply cut the length(s) required to cover each tent-leg or tent-pole. Carpa Supply recommends that you always cut the tent-pole cover, approximately, 1-1/2 times the actual length of the tube or pole that needs covering. Doing this will leave an extra amount of plastic cover material over the tent-pole being covered so that the installer can ruffle it up and make it look more elegant (see picture).

     The above mentioned tent-pole covers may also be used together with our premium quality polyester cloth drapes (see link below) in order to increase the elegance factor of your event.

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