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***Doors for Frame Tents & Pole Tents

***Doors for Frame Tents & Pole Tents

These custom tent doors are available in 3 different styles. The doors attach to your tent or structure and provide pivotal, safe, and secure entry into your tent.

Select your Door Design to the right of the page (Solid, Clear, or French Lattice with either a single or double door). Then add the door frame below (if a new one is required). Do not forget to add a "pole tent kit" if you are using the door(s) on a pole tent. When adapting a tent door to a Pole Tent, the Pole Tent Kit forms a solid valance bar from pole to pole to which the door is attached. Adding a Pole Tent Kit allows you to use any single or double doors.

If replacement of the door frame is required, select a new door frame in order to stabilize the new door(s) to your tent. Make sure to select the correct frame for the number of doors and bay size (bay size is the space between legs or poles where the doors will be placed at, 10' or 15').

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