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*10' x 10' Clear High-Peak Frame Tent (Dining-Elegance Edition)

*10' x 10' Clear High-Peak Frame Tent (Dining-Elegance Edition)

Are you considering adding a touch of class to your restaurant's dining experience now that your customers may be looking for a bit of social-distancing between them and your other guests?

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Introducing the 10' x 10' Clear ("HP Quick-Pin Dining-Elegance Edition) High-Peak Frame Tent. It is specifically designed to add a touch of elegance to your restaurant dining settings, as well as curb-side pick-ups, store-fronts, flea market displays, festivals, carnival venues, and any other type of concession stands. The high-peak frame uses the Crown-Style design which allows the option of using the tent frame with both a high-peak vinyl top/cover or a traditional vinyl top/cover when the mast-pole is removed; it also has the advantage of being a more structurally sound structure than the Cross-Cable Style (we do not make cross-cable style). All of the anodized aluminum pipes and fittings fit inside an average mid-sized vehicle for easy transportation. Even more amazing is the fact that the frame takes only 20 minutes to assemble by easily sliding one frame part into the other using our user-friendly, no tools required, push-button pin system; this system allows one piece to lock into place when inserted into the adjoining pieces.The natural weight of the 1-3/4 O.D. anodized aluminum pipes (1/8 inch thick) and related 2 inch O.D. aluminum fittings make this frame resistant to winds that would normally uplift other canopy types and/or Pop-Up tents. Additional staking and/or loads added or attached to the adjustable base legs (adjustable 6-1/2 to 8 Ft. high) or corner fittings make it resistant to high wind-loads (refer to the"Anchoring Options" selection menu on this page for pricing on stakes & ratchets, or, water drum barrels when purchasing this tent). 

The tent, as priced above, comes with a custom-made (high-denier) High-Peak White Premium Commercial-Grade 18 Ounce vinyl top combined with our top quality 20-Gauge thick-gauged clear vinyl that is water-proof; the top/cover is also flame and mildew retardant (Meets Fire Marshall Codes). You may also purchase the above tent with a variety of other standard top/cover colors, designs, & fabrics (additional charges apply). 

1.  Above price includes: the complete 1-3/4 inch O.D. anodized aluminum tent frame with 1/8 inch thick walls, 18 Ounce commercial quality White vinyl High-Peak top/cover combined with top quality thick-gauged clear that is waterproof and flame and mildew retardant. The price also includes the storage bag for the top and all required 2 inch O.D. aluminum frame fittings with 1/8 inch thick walls and custom-welding (refer to pictures of different fitting types). Additional accessories such as, sidewalls, stakes, ratchet straps, stake pullers, portable heaters, cooling fans & portable air conditioning are available on this website on the Blue toolbar section on the top of our website pages).

2.  High-Peak Top/Cover also includes the following features for the best of quality:

a. tough 18 Ounce Vinyl Top/Cover (other colors and stripe combinations available - refer to "Vinyl Top Color & Fabric Options" selection menu on this page)

b. Extra-Thick Vinyl along Valance perimeter for added protection when pulling on straps

c. Stainless Steel buckles on straps

d. High-Strength Denier Rating

e. Top/Cover includes bag for storage

f. *********************************************

g. flame certification patch on underside of covers

h. Reinforced stitching throughout tent

i. polyester side-curtain (sidewall) rope securely reinforced around tent perimeter

j. heat-sealed construction throughout tent top/cover with stitched reinforcement

3. Additional discount for first-time party-rental customers or businesses.

4. Special House discount for all customer-combined-orders exceeding $10,000 (excluding tax).

5. Carpa Supply will typically contact you within 24 hours of placing a quote order on our website. However, please feel free to contact us prior to that, by e-mail or phone, should you have any questions while visiting or trying to navigate our website. We will eventually need to speak with you for any quote order which you place on our website in order to relay some information to you. For example, we will be asking you if you would like the top/cover to be one-piece or expandable, scalloped or non-scalloped, or, if you would like any other of the possible custom color or color combinations described above. At that time we will also supply you with the shipping cost for your desired order along with other relevant information. If you are ready to purchase after we supply you with all of the details, then you, and only you, can make the decision to proceed with the purchase. We will discuss the payment terms with you at that time.

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