Made in the USA - Premium Quality Commercial Frame Tents, Canopies, Pole Tents, and Structures
**Fabric Color Swatch Card and Fabric Samples (100% Premium-Commercial Quality Flame Retardant Polyester) - Made in USA

**Fabric Color Swatch Card and Fabric Samples (100% Premium-Commercial Quality Flame Retardant Polyester) - Made in USA

 Includes the following:

One - 74 color "Fabric Color Swatch Card" (100% Premium Commercial-Quality, 200 GSM, Flame Retardant Poplin Polyester - Meets NFPA 701-2010 California Fire Marshall Code)
Six  -  10" x 10" Fabric Color Samples in whichever of the 74 colors you wish

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The "Fabric Color Swatch and Fabric Samples" are made from the same Poplin Polyester fabric used to manufacture all of our Flame Retardant Polyester linens. It is commercial grade, premium-quality 200 GSM, machine washable, durable 100% Flame Retardant Poplin Polyester manufactured in the United States. Some of the characteristics include no shrinkage, easy soil release, and excellent color retention. It is available in 74 colors. 

Another great advantage of this polyester line is that is it one of the few fabrics which is 132” wide. This means that even 132” rounds do not have side seams; they are all one piece. In addition, all tablecloths, napkins, overlays, linens, etc. come with merrowed stitching as a standard; however, roll-stitched hems are available for an additional charge (see picture).

Why order a Fabric Color Swatch?

Colors that are typically displayed on computer monitors or mobile devices tend to depend on the settings and characteristics of the particular device(s). The colors that you see on these devices may look different than the actual, real-life color(s) of the objects or things being viewed on the device. This same concept applies to fabric color selection. The fabric color that you see on your monitor, cell-phone, I-Pad, etc., may be slightly different than the actual fabric color. Because of this, we highly encourage our customers to purchase a "Fabric Color Swatch Card and Napkin Sample" prior to placing an order; of course, this is only important if exact color match is critical to you. After you receive the "Fabric Color Swatch Card and Napkin Sample" we recommend that you view all of the available colors within the same lighting atmosphere where you will be using the tablecloths, napkins, and other linens that you are considering to purchase. 

     The "Fabric Color Swatch Card and Fabric Samples" allows you to be able to see all the actual colors available while feeling the actual fabric options as well. Statistics indicate that most of the return requests that we receive are from customers that did not pre-order a "Fabric Color Swatch Card and Fabric Samples".  In order to avoid this type of problem, which forces our customers to have to pay return shipping and restocking fees, we have come up with this highly recommended swatch-card product that should eliminate any color discrepancy issues.

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List any 6 Colors you need the 10" x 10" samples to be in (Use Color Swatch Names)