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"Complete-Crossbar & Rafter Set Assembly" for 20 Ft. Wide Tent Expansion

"Complete-Crossbar & Rafter Set Assembly" for 20 Ft. Wide Tent Expansion

It is highly recommended that any 20 Ft. wide tent that is longer than 30 Ft. be fitted with "Crossbars & Fittings" in order to maintain the integrity of the frame structure and avoid future tent tube sagging.

However, if only the "Crossbar & Fitting" is purchased from our website, it requires that the mid-leg rafter tubes that make up the "A" part of the 20 wide frame structure have pre-drilled holes in them. Many times a customer finds it an inconvenience to have to drill holes into older 20 Ft. wide side-rafter tubes (they may not have the holes because maybe they are from a previously purchased 20 x 20 or a 20 x 30 tent already in stock without the pre-drilled holes, for example). Another reason this occurs is because customers may simply need to expand an existing 20 Ft. wide tent that originally did not come with crossbars (therefore the tubing does not have the holes).

The "Complete-Crossbar & Rafter Set Assembly" includes the two-125-1/2 inch side-rafter tubes (Anodized Aluminum 1-3/4" O.D.) for the 20 wide, one-crossbar, and required fittings and bolts that you need to safely add one crossbar to an existing 20 Ft. wide tent. Drilling of all of the required holes for the side-rafter tubes, fittings, and crossbar are included in the above price. Please refer to the pictures for more details.

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