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Clear Vinyl by the Roll (Commercial 20 Gauge Flame Retardant-Meets NFPA-701)

Clear Vinyl by the Roll (Commercial 20 Gauge Flame Retardant-Meets NFPA-701)

Our Vinyl by the Roll fabrics are offered via our sister company Florida Tent Supply

Florida Tent Supply's Heavy-Duty 20 Gauge Clear Vinyl Rolls are mostly used in the manufacturing of tent tops, tent sidewalls, patio enclosures, clear strip room dividers, and many other applications requiring a heavier duty weight material. Our Clear (PVC) Vinyl Rolls are mildew resistant and UV resistant. However, what distinguishes our clear vinyl rolls from others on the market is that our clear vinyl  roll material has high dimensional stability and is flame retardant (CFSM, NFPA 701), as well as cold crack resistant up to -30°F. The 20 gauge clear vinyl roll comes in a 61 inch and 72 inch width. The 61 inch wide roll weighs 100 Lbs. and contains 52 yards of the clear vinyl. The 72 inch wide roll weighs 145 Lbs. and contains 60 yards per roll of the clear vinyl. 

Below are some of the specifications for our Clear Heavy-Duty Vinyl Rolls:

• Low Shrinkage / High Dimensional Stability (ASTM Standard D1204: 0.1% shrinkage)
• Flame Retardant Certified (CFSM, NFPA 701)
• Cold Crack Resistant up to -30°F
• Anti-Fog
• Mildew Resistant
• UV Resistant
• Grade A PVC Resin
• High Tensile & Tear Strength
• Heat Sealable

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