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*50' x 100' Frame Tent (Single & Twin Tube Hybrid Aluminum)

*50' x 100' Frame Tent (Single & Twin Tube Hybrid Aluminum)


This is a commercial-quality twin-tube frame tent (made in the USA) not to be compared with less expensive single-tube frame tents.This tent size is very popular for large-size gatherings, such as, wedding receptions & sweet fifteens/sixteens celebrations, church revivals, large company gatherings, boat covers for multiple quantities of boats, carport for large quantity of vehicles or small trucks, patio furniture or swimming-pool cover, etc. No tools required for assembly (except for the crossbars).

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1.  Above price includes the complete anodized aluminum tent frame containing 2 inch O.D. tubing with 1/8 inch wall thickness (see 50' x 100' sketch shown), 4 or 5-Piece 16 Ounce White expandable vinyl top/cover with sun blockout (or any other color or color with white-stripe combination in red, blue, green, yellow) that is waterproof and flame and mildew retardant (Meets Fire Marshall Codes), storage bag, all aluminum adjustable legs (7 Ft. to 10 Ft. high) , double-barrel twin-tube anodized aluminum rafters (trusses)cross-bars, and all required 1-3/4 inch O.D. galvanized steel frame fittings. 

Includes the following: corner fittings, mid-leg rafters, 6-way crowns, airplane fittings, 6-way side fittings, 2 inch O.D. tubes, cross-barsdouble-barrel trusses (2 inch O.D.), and adjustable legs with bases (2 inch O.D. leg insert). 

Stakes, ropes, sidewall-curtains, ratchets, and ratchet straps are not included (refer to "Accessories" link for pricing)

2.  Top/Cover also includes the following features for the best of quality:

a. tough 4 or 5-Piece 16 Ounce Vinyl Top/Cover (other colors and stripe combinations available - see below)
b. Double-Ply Vinyl Patches at peak of top/cover for added reinforcement and protection at crown area
c. Extra-Thick Vinyl along Valance perimeter for added protection when pulling on straps
d. Stainless Steel buckles on straps
e. Supreme Velcro overlaps at ends
f. High-Strength Denier Rating
g. Top/Cover includes bags for storage
h. same price for all colors or color-with-stripe combinations
i. same price for scalloped or non-scalloped valance
j. 4 or 5-Piece expandable top (6 or 7-Piece Top available for an additional charge)
k. Flame Certification Patch on underside of all covers
l. Reinforced stitching throughout tent
m. polyester side-curtain (sidewall) rope securely reinforced around tent perimeter
n. heat-sealed construction throughout tent top/cover with stitched reinforcement

3.  You may choose, instead of a white 4 or 5-Piece top/cover, other solid colors (see pictures) that come in 16 Oz. expandable or non-expandable with sun blockout, flame/mildew resistance, and waterproof vinyl. Please note, however, that sun blockout is not available for the color yellow when ordering a solid yellow color for the entire cover.You may also choose, instead of a white cover or solid color, one of our solid colors with white-stripe combinations which come in 16 Oz., expandable, with sun blockout, waterproof vinyl, and flame and mildew resistance. The available colors for, either, the solid color tops/covers, or, the solid colors with white-stripe combination, are red, blue, green, and yellow. Clear (transparent) tops are available for an additional charge (see pictures).

4.  Additional discounts for 1st-time party-rentals.

5. Special House discount for all customer - combined - orders exceeding $10,000, excluding tax.

6. Please contact us by e-mail or phone for additional discounts mentioned above, if applicable, and to also get the lowest available shipping rate quote for your order. We also require a call or e-mail to us for all orders that include a top/cover so that we can confirm which top/cover color/design you would like; you also have a choice between ordering an expandable or non-expandable (one-piece) top/cover and scalloped or non-scalloped (straight) valance. There is no price difference between these choices unless you are ordering a clear (transparent) top/cover.

Product Description

Traditional-Style Tents

This classic tent style is used the most throughout the industry. Standard covers are 16 Oz. White vinyl with sun blockout and flame and mildew resistance; covers are also available in a variety of other colors and stripe designs that include clear, red, blue, green, and yellow. The covers are designed to attach to the frame with straps and stainless-steel buckles along the inside tent perimeter and come with valances containing scalloped or non-scalloped edges.

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