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*****20' x 20' Welding Booth SuperSale (Single Tube Aluminum)

*****20' x 20' Welding Booth SuperSale (Single Tube Aluminum)

Why spend a lot of money on an average run-of-the-mill welding booth designed for only a limited amount of welding applications! Instead...consider purchasing a Carpa Supply welding booth that gives you more value for your money!  

Now you can purchase a unique-style of welding booth that has multiple uses besides welding applications. Carpa Supply's welding booths are not only well structured frames that make excellent welding booths for indoor or outdoor applications; our welding booths have the value-added feature of being designed so that they can also be used as tent structures that incorporate custom tops for not just welding, but a multitude of other applications, such as, equipment storage, grinding, painting, outdoor gatherings, patio structures, etc. 

Above price includes the anodized aluminum welding booth frame (as shown in the green sketch) which comes with 1-3/4 inch O.D. aluminum tubing with 1/8 inch wall thickness, four aluminum adjustable legs (6-1/2 Ft. to 8 Ft. high as a standard, and all other required aluminum frame fittings (fittings are 2 inch O.D. aluminum with 1/8 inch wall thickness). 


Also included in the above price is a 25 yard roll of 64 inch wide (high) 14 ml. tinted weld-screen vinyl fabric (different colors available-see options). This vinyl fabric is fire resistant transparent weld view fabric. The welding fabric is resistant to not only flames but also water, oil, and mildew. It is recommended that it be used vertically, only, at its full height of 64 inches. Please note that although clear transparent sidewall panels are available, they do not offer any U.V. light protection, and should therefore not be used for welding applications. 

Brass heavy-duty grommets are placed only along one of the long edges of the roll spaced approximately 12 inches apart. This will allow the installer to easily cut the appropriate lengths that are required for the particular size welding booth ordered (example: cut approximately 8 foot long sections for the 8 x 8 welding booth, 10 foot long sections for the 10 x 10 welding booth, etc.). Once the vinyl sections are cut from the roll, the vinyl fabric sections can be easily connected to the 1-¾ inch aluminum sidebar tubes of the welding booth entrance from any side of the booth by inserting tie-wraps or light-weight gauge wire (not supplied) through the grommets on the vinyl fabric. If the welding booth is set to a height between 7 to 7-½ feet using the adjustable legs (adjustable legs can be set at 6-½’, 7’, 7-½', and 8’ height) on the booth, then there will be approximately a 2 foot distance between the ground and the fabric. This 2 foot uncovered area below the fabric and the ground is the recommended distance so that air circulation is increased in the booth and accumulation of hazardous fumes are reduced. 


Welding curtains are mainly used to protect people in the vicinity of the work from harmful U.V. light produced by the weld which can cause arc-eye symptoms . OSHA regulations and other safety standards sometimes highly recommend some sort of transparency and visibility in the welding sidewall panels so that personnel working close to the weld area, or simply just passing-by, are made alert and aware of possible hazards. This is the reason why many welding sidewall panels are made of semi-transparent polyvinyl material. These transparent tinted sidewall panels (with the exception of clear panels) contain filters which block the harmful UV light. 


As an additional option, either a clear/transparent custom vinyl top (flame retardant - see options), or a 70% shade Black-Mesh custom vinyl top (flame retardant - see options) may be added to the top of the booth for an additional charge. The clear/transparent top offers visibility of the worker from multiple angles and rain cover in applications that need to meet these requirements; it is not U.V. retardant, however, and passer-byers should not stare through this clear top while workers are welding. The 70% Black-Mesh custom vinyl top offers sufficient shade and fume venting for outdoor applications needing to meet this criteria. 


Note: Other commercial-grade 18 Oz. U.V. blockout and flame retardant vinyl tops and fabric selections are available. Please call us for availability if you would like a different vinyl top other than Clear/Transparent or Black-Mesh. See below for available top colors.

Anchoring Options: Stakes and Ratchet Straps may be added to your purchase for an additional charge.


Safety PrecautionIf a solid vinyl top (not a mesh-fabric top) will be used on the welding booth, then a minimum of one to two sides of the booth should remain open without sidewall panels to prevent the accumulation of hazardous fumes inside of the booth. As an alternative, if all four sides of the booth must be covered with sidewall panels, then we recommend to leave, at least, 2 feet of opening between the ground and the sidewall panel . The use of a Black-Mesh vinyl top, where applicable, will reduce, but not eliminate, the extent to which a user or worker inside of the booth needs to adhere to the above recommendations. 

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