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*20' x 100' Portable Greenhouse Shade Structure SuperSale (Single Tube Aluminum) (Variety of Colors & Fabrics in 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10-Piece (5 to 100% Shade Blockout, Translucent, or Mesh))

*20' x 100' Portable Greenhouse Shade Structure SuperSale (Single Tube Aluminum) (Variety of Colors & Fabrics in 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10-Piece (5 to 100% Shade Blockout, Translucent, or Mesh))

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Consider investing in a reasonably-priced premium quality portable greenhouse shade structure capable of being fitted with a variety of custom top and sidewall fabrics specific to your individual needs. Our shade fabrics range from 5% to 100% sun blockout. Introducing the "Super-Deluxe Quick-Pin Shade Structure". Our shade structures give you the option of selecting the amount of shade that is most efficient for your needs, including those of your plants, flowers, and other bio-products. The structure is versatile and can be reduced down to as small as a  20' x 20', 20' x 30' , or 20' x 40', as well as expanded from 20' x 100' up to 20' x 200 plus; its design is similar to the sketch shown. If needed this structure may also be used as a carport, recreational vehicle cover or to provide shelter for patios, as well as, to provide enough sunlight, shade, and proper ventilation for all of your plant and other bio-products.The frame takes only 60 to 80 minutes to assemble and disassemble by easily sliding one frame part into or out of the other using our user-friendly, no tools required, push-button pin system; this system allows one piece to lock into place when inserted into the adjoining pieces.The natural weight of the 1-3/4 O.D. anodized aluminum pipes (1/8 inch thick) and related 2 inch O.D. aluminum fittings make this frame structure resistant to winds that would normally uplift other structure types. Additional staking and/or loads added or attached to the adjustable base legs (adjustable 6-1/2 to 8 Ft. high as standard - see option if 10 or 12 Ft. max. required) or corner fittings make it resistant to high wind-loads (refer to the"Anchoring Options" selection menu on this page for pricing on stakes & ratchets, or, water drum barrels when purchasing this structure). The "Super-Deluxe Quick-Pin Shade Structure," as priced above, comes with a 1-piece custom-made, Commercial-Grade top (3, 4 or 5-piece available); the top/cover is also flame and mildew retardant, except Green Mesh (Meets Fire Marshall Codes). You may purchase the above structure in a variety of top/cover colors, designs, & fabrics, including mesh (additional charge may apply), to meet the amount of shade required by your intended use. Please note that greenhouse clear(transparent) fabric and non-standard fabrics and colors, including mesh, carry an additional charge (refer to the "Vinyl Top Color & Fabric Option" selection menu on this page).  

Top/Cover includes many of the following premium quality features:

a. tough One-Piece Top/Cover (3, 4, or 5-Piece available)

b. Double-Ply Vinyl Patches at peak of top/cover for added reinforcement and protection at crown area

c. Extra-Thick Vinyl along Valance perimeter for added protection when pulling on seatbelt-type straps

d. Stainless Steel buckles on straps (no need to use inefficient bungee cords)

e. Supreme Velcro overlaps at ends

f. High-Strength Denier Rating on 13 to 16 Oz tops

g. Top/Cover includes bag for storage

h. same price for all standard 13 through 16 Oz. vinyl colors and standard stripe combinations

i. same price for scalloped or non-scalloped valance

j. one-piece top (3, 4, or 5-piece top available)

k. flame certification patch on underside of covers (Green Mesh not F.R.)

l. Reinforced stitching throughout structure

m. polyester side-curtain (sidewall) rope securely reinforced around the top's perimeter above valance area

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