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Yellow Vinyl

Yellow Vinyl

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Our Yellow and Yellow with White-Stripe color vinyl tops, tarps, mids, and sidewalls are 13 to 16 Oz Commercial Quality VinylThe pricing for the tops, tarps, and mids is the same as the 17 Oz. White vinyl tops and/or mids.  Please search for the size that you need under the "White Top Sizes" category and/or "Mid Category" and that will be the price for the yellow or yellow with white-stripe top, mid, or tarp also. Call us for all colored sidewall pricing. See pictures for available colors ( redred w/white-stripe, blueblue w/white-stripe, greengreen w/ white-stripe, yellow, and yellow w/ white-stripe). All of our Tops & Tarps come with Sun blockout, a flame retardant rating, and are water and mildew retardant.Tarps also include metal grommets along the perimeter.

Note: Carpa Supply does carry other colors like pink, teal, black, beige, etc.; however, those colors are considered custom colors and cost more. Please call us for pricing and availability of all custom colors.

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