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**Used 12' x 12' Replacement Tent Top (1-Piece White Vinyl Top)(Condition = AA)

**Used 12' x 12' Replacement Tent Top (1-Piece White Vinyl Top)(Condition = AA)

Above price includes a used one-piece 16 Ounce waterproof, white vinyl top/cover with sun blockout that is also flame and mildew retardant (Meets Fire Marshall Codes)

This tent-top is similar to the west-coast tent-top described in the carpasupply website link below except that it is in AA-Condition. AA-Condition means that this tent-top has been used multiple times and has an average amount of wear-and-tear but still in relatively good condition. This 16 Oz. 1-piece white top is slightly worn but still in good condition.


NOTE: All used product sales are final. Buyer waives all rights to any exchanges or returns after purchasing. Buyer also waives all rights to dispute any charges related to the used product. Additionally, buyer realizes that he/she is purchasing merchandise that does not have any warranty and that may, or may not, have minor defects; and that, consequently, may not look brand new. The buyer also understands that the amount of defects on the product coincides with Carpa Supply's A to AAA condition-rating based on Carpa Supply's good-faith judgement, to the best of its ability. The buyer should also realize that in some cases minor up-keeping, such as, cleaning and minor pin-hole patching may be required by the buyer after the merchandise is received. Any product deemed by Carpa Supply to need a substantial amount of renovation, maintenance, or expenditure on the customer's part, as per Carpa Supply's good-faith judgement, will not be sold, even as in A-condition (our lowest rating).

Top/Cover also includes the following features for the best of quality:

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a. tough 1-piece 16 Ounce Vinyl Top/Cover 

b. Double-Ply Vinyl Patches at peak of top/cover for added reinforcement and protection at crown area

c. Extra-Thick Vinyl along Valance perimeter for added protection when pulling on straps

d. Stainless Steel buckles on straps

e. Supreme Velcro overlaps at ends

f. High-Strength Denier Rating

g. *******************************************************


i. ********************************************************

j. 1-piece top 

k. flame certification patch on underside of covers

l. Reinforced stitching throughout tent

m. polyester side-curtain (sidewall) rope securely reinforced around tent perimeter

n. heat-sealed construction throughout tent top/cover with stitched reinforcement

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