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King 8 inch Mattress (SnugglyRest Promo Collection)

King 8 inch Mattress (SnugglyRest Promo Collection)

"Free 1st Floor Door-To-Door Residential Delivery" is available in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties only. Note that in order to qualify for this free "1st Floor Door-To-Door Residential Delivery" in Miami-Dade or Broward County, Condominium or Apartment Building residents must accept delivery at the lobby or other 1st floor entrance location. The customer will be responsible for making arrangements to take the mattress from the first floor delivery location to their own apartments. White-Glove delivery service options are available for customers requiring to have their mattress taken inside their residence or to higher floors; additional charges apply (see options). Please call us for White-Glove pricing if you have any special requests at 844-756-4495.

Note: The correct shipping rate category must be selected in the menu option for all orders in order for Carpa Supply to be able to process the order correctly. A $.01 (1 penny) shipping charge will appear at the end of all orders in order to enable the shipping system set-up! 

Includes 1 premium quality Hybrid 8 inch thick King Size Tight-Top PROMO Mattress (SnugglyRest Hybrid Grey SRS700 Series Promo Collection) in a Firm comfort level. A Heavy-Duty Foundation is also available as an option for an additional charge (please select appropriately in options section). 

Note: This mattress is manufactured with top quality fabric-encased coils (not to be compared with less expensive Bonnel or Verti-Coil innerspring mattresses

This mattress collection features up to 720 fabric-encased coils. What this means is that the individual coils inside of the mattress are not connected to each other. Each individual coil inside of the mattress is independently wrapped in a white fabric that permits each coil to lend support and work separately from all other coils inside of the mattress. Individually wrapped, or, fabric-encased coils, are extremely durable and will last for years. They do not wear down over time making them a great support system for your body. Overall, they offer superior comfort and pressure relief than traditional bonnel coil and verticoil systems sold by competitors and, therefore, make for a higher quality mattress. The ultimate effects of this fabric-encased coil system, to name a few, are: 1.)  a better night's sleep  2.) mattress sagging prevention  3.) less disturbance to whomever is sleeping on the same mattress with you since your movement affects only coils that are positioned under your sleep zone and vice-versa  4.) the encased coils are evenly distributed up to the edges of the mattress so that you can sit on the mattress edges without ruining the coil system.

Finally, a very important benefit of this type of mattress design is that it allows you to sleep 20 to 40%  cooler than other mattress configurations.   

"SnugglyRest Promo Collection"  mattresses feature: 

***up to 720 Pocket Coils ***Quilting Damask Fabric*** Chasen Pad ***Flame Retardant barrier .5 oz Upholstery ***7/8 inches of Medium Density Foam ***Foam Encase Rails for better support*** 7/8 inches of 1240 Density Foam 


Free 1st Floor Door-To-Door Residential Delivery is only available to Florida orders shipping to Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. All other orders, to Florida, New Jersey, New York or any other states (if approved at the sole discretion of Carpa Supply) will carry an additional charge for shipping, as listed in the above option titled,  "1st Floor Door-To-Door Residential Delivery Only". In addition, "1st Floor Door-To-Door Residential Delivery Onlydoes not include set-up of mattresses or foundations on frames or platforms, installation or fixing of any frames or platforms, or handling and removal of any old mattresses and foundations/box springs). Refer to "White Glove Delivery, Set-Up, & Removal Options" if you require White Glove services at the time of delivery (additional charges apply - see explanation of White Glove services below). 

White Glove Services: Carpa supply also offers various options for White Glove services. One option includes delivery of the new mattresses and/or foundations inside of the customer's premises and removing old foundations and mattresses off of the existing frame or platform. This service also includes proper placement of the new mattress and/or foundation onto an existing frame or platform pending that it is in good condition. The service does not include installation or fixing of frames, platforms, or any other bed apparatus.  The second option includes all of the same things mentioned above, except that the old mattresses and/or foundations will be removed from the customer's location and loaded onto the carrier's truck for complete removal from the premises; additionally this second option includes the assembly of a frame for the mattress purchased (assuming the customer has purchased a frame that needs to be assembled).

Note: White Glove carriers, typically, will not remove and/or load onto their trucks any mattresses and/or foundations (box springs) deemed to be hazardous to their health, capable of contaminating other goods in their trucks, too dirty, or stained with blood.

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